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Taps & Mini Bar

This package includes:


+use of Tap Wall equipped with four faucets & cooling for all kegs

+use of Mini Bar and barware with access to wine cooler & beverage storage


+appropriate disposable cups + ice


+one taptender + one bartender


+unlimited CO2

+mixers & garnishes (see below)


+coordinating decor


+custom chalkboard drink menu 


+beverage consultation


+set up & break down 


+travel within 25 mile radius  

*due to ABC laws, price does not include alcohol and must be purchased by you.

Pricing for the "Taps & Mini Bar" Package: 




+ Flat $599 Truck+Bar Fee 



+ Hourly $70-$140 tap tender & bartender fee



+ Hourly $1.25 fee per person


We hope that with this pricing structure we can allow for the truck to be used for as long and for however many people you desire! We do require a second bartender for any events with +75 guests, 150+ guests 2 bartenders and two taptenders, 200+ guests 3 bartenders and 2 taptenders,  in order to ensure the truck operates smoothly and safely. We also have a 2 hour minimum for events.

Mixers & Garnishes

+Orange Juice

+Cranberry Juice

+Pineapple Juice

+Grapefruit Juice

+Lime Juice

+Lemon Juice



*please inquire for price estimate 

+appropriate glassware rental

+customized cups/coozies 

+custom neon sign 

+backyard games

+ extra bartender/taptender




+beverage pick up and delivery

+specialty cocktail keg

+speciality garnishes 

+champagne tower

Add On's:

+Club Soda

+Tonic Water

+Ginger Ale


+Diet Cola


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