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Wedding Management 

starting @ $3,249 + travel

Everyone should have the chance to enjoy their wedding planning process and we're here to make sure you do just that - with this package we will take over *most* of the reigns starting 6 weeks prior to your big day. We help you to check off last minute lists, handle vendor communications, help come up with solutions for those unavoidable detail questions that are bound to happen. We will also be there day of to make sure you and your partner can sit back and enjoy the beginning of your new adventure together.

Before Wedding Day: 

  • Six Weeks out, the Lead Coordinator and the couple will schedule an intake meeting, in-person or on the phone, where they will go over all the details of the big day, which includes vendor information, ceremony, and reception details, any special traditions the couple may be upholding etc. The coordinator will gather all of this information in order to reach out to vendors and put together day of timelines, vendor timelines, personal couple timelines and layouts of the venue.

  • In the following weeks out the Lead Coordinator and the couple will schedule a second call about once a week to finalize the timelines and layouts any additional details you've planned and help with any outstanding questions or issues the couple is facing, and just support them however is needed.

  • The lead coordinator can attend the final venue walk through if applicable.

  • Whenever the couple plans for the Lead Coordinator will attend and orchestrate the ceremony rehearsal. Going over procession order, cues, walking speed, front row seat assignments etc.

Wedding Day: 

  • The Lead Coordinator and the Associate Coordinator will arrive at the venue 6 hours prior to the Ceremony. They will assist the vendors in set up and place personal decor such as a seating chart, memory table, guest  book, etc.

  • The Lead Coordinator will be bouncing back and forth between the couple and the venue to ensure everyone is following the timeline and everyone has what they need.

  • The Lead Coordinator will direct the ceremony procession, the transition from ceremony to cocktail hour, and cocktail hour to reception.

  • The team will ensure the timeline is running smoothly for the remainder of the evening. 

  • The team will stay for one hour after the reception ends to clean up personal decor and make sure that all guests leave safely.


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